Be The Queen Of Your Own Castle

Think marrying a prince is the only way to become a princess and live in a castle? Wrong. Be a bossy gal, build an empire, and buy your own castle. Here are 7 stunning castles in Europe you can buy right now to live out your Cinderella or better yet, Game of Thrones fantasies.

1. Poitou Charentes, Vienne, France (€4,750,000 / $5,382,000)

The château dates back to the 15th century... It has an ornate entrance gate leading to a beautiful, typically French styled garden, terrace overlooking the valley below, magnificently carved stone fireplaces and ceilings and a chapel with protected frescos and is set in 32ha (that’s 79 acres for us Americans) of pastureland and woods with over 1km (.6 of a mile) of river frontage.

It comprises a... chapel with the famous (listed) frescos, living room again with feature fireplace, entrance with carved stone vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows, games room, 13 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, stables, guardian’s lodge, tennis court, swimming pool, kennels and a riverside lodge.”

I'd really love to stroll those grounds with my gowns trailing around my feet. Braids. I need to research Game of Thrones braid hairstyles on Pinterest.

2. Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany (€5,796,000 / $6,640,697)


Impressive castle complex, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Upper Middle Rhine Valley"... radiates the venerable splendour of bygone days. The great hall, a vaulted cellar, seminar rooms, the castle courtyard, a tower room, the castle chapel, a medieval skittle alley that is a protected historic feature and even its own registry office...

The first documentary evidence of the village surrounding the Sauerburg castle dates back to the year 1120. The "Subburne" castle was erected in the years from 1355 to 1361 at the behest of Count Ruprecht with the permission of Archbishop Gerlach of Mainz... The Sauerburg is located on a hilltop with an altitude of 360 metres above sea level in Sauerthal, a secondary valley of the Wispertal valley.”

I'm imagining myself galloping up towards this castle on horseback with a cape fluttering behind me. Then feasting in this magnificent dining hall.

3.  Midi Pyrenees, Gers, France (€1,200,000 / $1,360,000)

“Sitting on the summit of a hill overlooking the countryside of Armagnac in the Gers, southwest France... Large entrance hall opening to the courtyard, salon with fireplace, grand staircase, elevator, large dining with fireplace, kitchen, back kitchen, bedroom wing with hall onto the courtyard... rooms in the towers, side entrance ancient kitchen, 2 garages, access to the chapel and east wing.”  

$1.3 million seems strangely, incredibly affordable for this CASTLE in FRANCE, considering it'll get you a 400 sq. ft. apartment in New York City.

4. Caverswall Castle, Staffordshire, England (£3,000,000 / $4,634,385)

"Caverswall Castle... built on the site of an Anglo-Saxon Manor, on the spot where two tributaries of the River Blythe rise... is one of the most attractive mansions of Staffordshire both because of its appearance and interesting history. The earliest owner of whom we know was Ernulf de Hesing, as Saxon-holder, who was perhaps driven from the estate during the Conquest. From him it passed to Sir William de Caverswall who incorporated the tributaries to form his moat when he received a “licence to Crenellate” his Saxon Manor house in 1275...

The Castle fell into decay until 1615 when Matthew Cradock, Mayor of Stafford and a wealthy merchant, bought and rebuilt it as a Jacobean mansion in about 1625. He kept the great tower, the walls and the turrets which became garden pavilions and remodelled the gatehouse to match. In the middle of the bailey attached to the keep, he erected a formal Jacobean manor house.”

That knight armor is probably real armor that was worn to defend these very castle grounds. Bonus: The castle has AN OLD DUNGEON. Sold.

5.  Creuse, Limousin, France (€4,240,000 / $4,806,000)

"This solitary Fortified Château sits surrounded by a moat, meadows and lakes within a 16 hectare walled estate.. The Château sits on a very old site dating back to the 12th Century, it suffered enormously during the 100 years war (1337-1453) and was rebuilt several times. For over 600 years the Château Fortress defended the Foucauld family seat - a Protestant, noble Clan, Companions-at-Arms with Jean D’Arc. In October 1605 King Henry IV stayed at the Château, in the room now known as 'The Kings' Suite' - he trusted and bore great friendship to the Foucauld family.”

My own real life moat? The only thing that could make this even better is if it had a drawbridge. I'm already planning my "lawn parties."

6. Essonne, France (€50,000,000 / $56,672,500)

“Surrounded by a completely reconditioned moat, this castle (from the 13th century) is one of the most extraordinary examples of Medieval Castle in France... set at the centre of a walled and landscaped park, which includes a beautiful 3-acre 18th century flower garden.

The Château is situated on 500 private acres of beautifully preserved countryside, forests, streams, gardens and hunting grounds... The Château with its 6000 sq m (64.583 sq. ft.) features a main dining hall, a “hall of festivities” and variety of smaller dining rooms and salons. The 12th century Kitchen is still fully functional, the 16th century painted kitchen is the ideal setting for Family gathering while the 18th century wood and copper pastry kitchen still produces it share of delicious sweets and home–made jams and preserves. A professional kitchen is also equipped to serve hundreds of guests.

The Chateau also benefit from a charming 19th century building, entirely dedicated to sports and relaxation which houses a rare combination of wellness facilities. A spectacular 25m (82 ft.) indoor pool, a perfectly equipped spa and Gym, an oriental tea-room, an exotic garden and a meditation room... also offering Tennis courts, stables, helipad, THX equipped theatre, recording studio for music, 8 car garages...”

This castle is a little ridiculous as I'm not Bruce Wayne. I could only live here if I had at least 10 ladies in waiting to explore and roam the 3-acre 18th century flower garden. A helipad and a recording studio? Okay, who lived here? Was it a celebrity I know?! Was it Sir Paul McCartney?

7. Siena, Italy (€28,000,000 / $32,080,660)

“Despite the alterations and extensions that have occurred in the course of its history, the Castle has retained the appearance of a real fortress. As you go through to the courtyard, with its charming loggia and gardens, the view of vineyards, olive groves and typical Sienese countryside is spectacular. Although some rooms were decorated in the 18th century, many remain medieval in their architectural style. The estate extends over 630 hectares (1,556 acres) not far from the medieval city of Siena. In fact one can see Siena from certain parts of the property.

The Castle dominates its surroundings looking out over several of its farm houses that have been meticulously restored and given comfortable and luxurious interiors with big gardens, four large swimming pools and a tennis court. There are currently 18 hectares of vineyards but there is the potential to increase production up to 60 or 70 hectares (148 to 170 acres). The vine varieties are Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Viognier. The property produces award winning wines and olive oil. There is an olive grove of 1,500 trees. The property would also be ideal for horses with 28 hectares (69 acres) of pasture and ample room for barns and boxes. There are two lakes on the property used for irrigation which are also used for fishing."

A castle with its own winery? Where do I sign?