Glam Up Your FitBit Flex

I’ve had my FitBit Flex for a few weeks now and while it can feel a little constraining to have something on my wrist 24/7, I really do like it. I haven’t set any specific goals but for the time being I’m enjoying tinkering with it and monitoring my steps taken and my sleep patterns. I set up the silent alarm for the first time last night and I have to say it’s an incredibly effective way to wake up as opposed to an alarm blaring next to your head. I can also see how it would be beneficial to have a personal alarm that wakes only you if you have a significant other who has a different sleep schedule.

I love my bright pink rubber band because it stands out and minimizes my chances of losing it but it’s definitely difficult to match with outfits and I’d like to be able to switch it up from time to time. Currently, there are three ways to accessorize your FitBit Flex.

1. Bracelet Cover

Left to right: Bright Sapphire Silver Circles ($49), Inverness Squares with Green Crystals ($40)

Etsy store FITnessBITsy has a variety of bracelet covers that go over your FitBit flex bracelet. They have a wide selection of different styles for different occasions, and will create you a custom bracelet based on how tightly you wear your FitBit Flex.

2. Bracelet Charm

Left to right: Fitbit Charm ($12), Fitness Band Bling ($15)

Bracelet charms are a simple way to glam up your FitBit Flex as they can be attached to your existing rubber band. You can easily swap out charms to match your mood or style.

3. Caged Bracelet


Tory Burch’s Caged Metal Bangle ($195), available in gold and silver, allows you to get rid of your rubber FitBit Flex band entirely by placing your tracker into the caged part of the bracelet. This is my favorite option out of the three (despite it being twice the price of the actual FitBit Flex itself) and I’m hoping other designers will soon follow suit with their own creative spin on the design.