Post #100

BOSSY GALS was created from a desire to encourage and inspire, both others and myself.

I found that a number of the websites I frequented each catered to only a few of my numerous interests. They were either fashion and beauty blogs, health and fitness blogs, tech sites, or news websites. I strongly believe women are multi-faceted so I wanted to create one site where people could read about the latest fashion trends and celebrity news, as well as intelligent articles regarding world events and pressing social issues; where people could read updates on the entertainment industry, but also thoughtfully crafted pieces on love and life. I knew from the beginning I didn’t want to create a singular site that focused on one topic. 

I wanted to create a site I would want to frequent — where I could laugh at funny GIFs, find inspiration, learn something new while looking at large pictures, read relatable articles, and get the latest Hollywood scoop, all without being bombarded with advertisements, clicking tiny thumbnails and numerous slideshows, or being taken to multiple sites. Most importantly, I wanted to create an environment that fosters creativity and passion, a place that encourages independence and bossiness.

I have a number of ideas planned in my editorial calendar in the coming months and I’m working tirelessly to create a site that fulfills my aesthetic vision. This entire process has been an incredible experience for me and I’m excited to see how this site evolves and grows over the next year.

I’m proud to announce this is my 100th post, which is a remarkable accomplishment as I usually abandon projects as quickly as I start them. This is just the beginning, and I look forward to celebrating my future achievements and milestones with everyone. Thank you to all of my readers, and my family and friends for their endless love and support from day zero.

Fight for your dreams and never take no for an answer.